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Our Story

Our story begins with yours. In 2018, a group of people came together with one mission in mind – to share inspiring, uplifting stories with the world. We believe life is an adventure, and every adventure is worth sharing.


Our goal is to let others know how you choose to #LiveTheAdventure. Living the adventure isn’t just our slogan, it’s our guiding principle.


That is why everything we make is inspired by a story, and no matter how big or how small it may seem, we value every story just the same.



LIVING THE ADVENTURE – It’s not enough to just talk about it, we promise to live it too. How do you live the adventure? We believe if you follow the principles below, it can be achieved. 


HAVING FUN – We make sure whatever it is we do, fun is involved. After all, life is too short!


GOING ALL IN – Believing in something with everything in your bones, and putting it all on the line to see that dream come to fruition. That’s our story, and we continue our search for others like it.


NEVER SETTLING – Compromise kills. We understand the value of what we are doing, so cutting corners isn’t an option. 


PEOPLE – People are what makes NUVO so special. Our motivation comes from you! Connecting with others and sharing our adventures makes life better, that’s why it is the core of who we are.

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